smiles and encourages laughter; is inclusive, authentic, and respects diversity; displays openness to choice and questioning; asks, listens, and invites; does not assume I know my way around; engages and cares for all ages; accepts ME for who I am; feels honest, open and safe for real conversations; helps me feel at home; has worship services that are authentic, powerful, and grip you with a feeling of the sacred; gives me a reason to be there; gets to know each person as an individual; knows who it is and is comfortable with itself; wants to know who I am and what I am about.


10:00 am

St. John’s United Church
Grand Forks, BC







St. John’s United Church is ministered to by Reverend Kim Horwood.

Reverend Kim Horwood

Her flock (she is a bird lover) of adherents perch and fly from Midway, through Greenwood and Grand Forks, to Christina Lake.

A vibrant, loving and fun-loving spiritual leader, Kim steps forward into her congregations and engages them in a relevant and meaningful search for God and truth in our contemporary world.  She helps us understand how we can demonstrate Jesus’ spiritual message and leadership in our busy, media and material filled lives.