Welcome to St. John’s United Church in Grand Forks, BC.

We worship  
Sundays at 10:00 a.m.

920 Central Ave.,
Grand Forks, BC

All are welcome to join us for worship, music, and fellowship.


We are a congregation that is active in many ways throughout our community.

he United Church Women/UCW at St. John’s is a small core group active behind the scenes supporting events at the church from after service coffee, potlucks, communion and decorating the sanctuary. Previous raised funds have provided kitchen fixtures and items, tables and tablecloths, general account. They continue to support the M&S Fund and other local fundraisers and outreaches. The UCW works hard to provide outreach activities to the larger community.

The St. John’s church is blessed to have a pianist and dedicated music team to lead the congregation each week. They also encourage congregation members and guests for solo instrumental or singing contributions.

St. John’s congregation support many local organizations from the Food Bank, Community Christmas Hamper, as well as to the larger world with relief funds to many affected by flooding, fires, earthquakes, and war-torn countries. Members continue to participate in many local organizations and fund raising. We may be small in numbers, but our impact has blessed many in the past and will continue as on in the future.



A Bit of History

Source:  Church in the Kootenays: The Story of The United Church of Canada in Kootenay Presbytery — Elsie G. Turnbull,  Published for Kootenay Presbytery United Church Women by Trail Times Limited, 1965

Old Methodist Church as it was in 1965

Presbyterian and Methodist churches in Grand Forks formed a local union in 1923, choosing Rev. F. E. Runnalls as pastor and meeting in Knox Presbyterian Church. Vote for church union in 1925 was sixty-one to twenty-five. In 1927 the former Methodist church and contents were given to the continuing Presbyterians, while in 1931 the congregation voted to change the name of the church to St. John’s United. As the years wore on the building deteriorated while fire damaged the upper structure requiring re-enforcement by rods.

Old Knox Presbyterian Church later became the Legion Hall

In 1952 when the roof needed shingling an architect declared the building unfit for use. Church services moved to the I.0.0.F. hall and a canvass for funds was initiated in order to erect a new church. Construction proceeded and by December 1953 it was ready for the first service. The new St. John’s United was made of cinder with pitched roof edged by a crow-stepped border. A blue cross and windows grouped in a series of three graced the front wall.

St. John’s United Church, erected 1953

PHOTOS: from Church in the Kootenays: The Story of The United Church of Canada in Kootenay Presbytery — Elsie G. Turnbull,  Published for Kootenay Presbytery United Church Women by Trail Times Limited, 1965

The United Church in Grand Forks was formed in 1923, two years before national church union. It was formed from the union of Knox Presbyterian Church which had been organized in 1899 and the Methodist Church on the Grand Forks Circuit which had been initiated in 1897. Presbyterian work in the Grand Forks area had already begun earlier in 1890 as part of the Kettle River or Columbia Field. In 1923 these two congregations voted to join in a local union resulting in a Union congregation by the name of The United Church of Grand Forks. The name was later changed to St. John’s United Church in 1931. The Grand Forks Pastoral Charge in Kootenay Presbytery has included other smaller points besides St. John’s. Currently, it also includes Perley Memorial United Church in Christina Lake, a congregation which was begun around 1963.  (Memory BC: United Church of Canada British Columbia Conference Archives)

In December 2018, St John’s congregation welcomed the members of Perley Memorial and St. Columba as members of their congregation.