COVID Restart Protocols

In order to comply with WorkSafe BC and BC Health Ministry  requirements, the Council has approved the following protocols:

If you have been feeling unwell recently, you should stay home.

Entry and Exit

A Maximum of 50 people are allowed in the building.

Masks must be  worn at all times in the Church.

Enter the Church through the front entrance. The exception will be made for those who need to use the ramps on the side door.

Exit the building through the front entrance except for those who need the ramp. Please keep your distance from each other as much as possible.

Within the Church

As you enter the Church. please use the hand sanitizers that are provided.

Ensure that your name is checked on the attendance list. New attendees need to supply a name and phone contact number.

The seating area has been planned to provide to provided 2 metre (6 feet) separation. Please do not move the chairs.

Please do your best to keep the proper distance at all times.

Personal Care Facilities

The upstairs bathroom will remain open. Please carefully follow the instructions posted on the wall.


Congregational singing is now permitted.

If, after attending a service, you subsequently feel unwell, please contact the Church immediately at 250 442 3311

Further updates to these protocols will be made as the virus situation evolves.


Last updated 1 June, 2021